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"A Troupe of Hope"

     Badaruzaman Edathodi is an inspiring person who always raise his voice for himself and others. He organizes a music troupe, in which he plays the role of a singer and an anchor. In 2003, Badar was abroad when he met with the accident that left him with the spinal cord injury. But this unfortunate incident never made him bedridden. Instead, he started to explore the challenges of Persons with disabilities (locomotive disability).

     As part of creating livelihood opportunities for people with locomotive disability, he started a music group with approximately ten to fifteen members. The group had done several stage programs and received a huge amount of appreciation from the audience. At the same time, sustainability of the initiative is the question in front of pandemic. Badar added, during post- covid period, they haven’t had any opportunity to perform except for one online event. He also raised another concern interacting with the public by people who have disabilities is a difficult task coming into the matter of resistance power.

     Badar had identified his skill in music from childhood. He was fond of singing  “Mappilapattu”. He took his interest as a profession after the accident. He was in search of people who have been to the same situation and started to interact with them through social media. During these interactions, Badar started to recite some of the songs and received appreciation from the group members. This incident became a turning point for Badar to start a music group.

     Badar is extremely blessed with an excellent supportive family especially his beloved wife Muneera. At the same, he expresses his denial towards uncompromising and sympathetic attitude from many areas of society towards persons with disabilities. In Badar’s opinion, Kerala has started to move on the track of accessibility but hasn’t reached the destination yet. He added that according to the administrative authority, Kerala became a hundred percent accessible but, Badar completely denied this saying only 10% of public places are accessible. This is happening due to lack of proper organizing and policies. Badar adds that, it requires representation from the beneficiaries when a project is implementing related to persons with disabilities,

     Badar is also part of the All-Kerala Wheelchair Right Federation (AKWRF) which works to ensure the rights of people with locomotive disabilities. When it was asked to Badar about future plans with Music, he replied “I am in the process to begin a YouTube Channel for our Music troupe. Also, as I mentioned, our troupe members are struggling with the financial crisis due to lack of stage programs. So, I am in search of other options which can help my troupe members for their livelihood using their passion for music.”

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