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"Arsha ragam"

     Arsha Vimal hails from Haripad in Alappuzha district. She is a true devotee of music. She had completed her graduation in and currently pursuing PSC coaching aiming to serve her state. Her family consists of her father and a sibling. Unfortunately, she lost her mother 3 years ago. She says, "I never felt that I am a person with Disability (Osteogensisis imperfecta) because my mother was always thers as backbone and wings into my dreams."

     Arsha said her mother is the one discovered Arsha's taste in music when she was in first standard. She supported and motivated polishing Arsha's skills in Music. She has been learning Carnatic music since her third standard.

     She had participated in school youth festivals and achieved many prizes in sub-districts level. Arsha's mother's departure was shocking for her. It was hard to accept this reality for a couple of years. Due to this reason, she decided to relinquish from music but the constant support of her best friends made her hang on to the same. One of her teachers, Preethi-  whom she addresses teacher amma, is giving extraordinary care and support. She said " Teacher is no less than a mother to me"

     Days and months passed and music paved a way for her to interact with the public. She started posting her experiments with singing on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. After noticing this, some people requested her to appear on social media live to perform. This was a turning point where many people identified Arsha's music. Arsha mentioned about Bandlab, EZ voice recorder- two applications those helped her  with audio clarity, noise cancellation, voice editing gimmicks and proper sruti.

     Arsha mentioned her dissatisfaction of societal attitudes towards persons with disabilities especially when they interact with public. She said "people focus on my disability and ask sympathetic questions when I go out or perform on stages" She narrated another experience where people recognized her based on her disability. She felt so bad about it and criticized it. On the other hand, there were family members who demotivated Arsha for her talents but they slowly started to change when she was recognized by public for songs. This was one of the happiest moment in Arsha's life.

     When it was asked about the ambition, Arsha told she wants to be financially independent through with the help of government job. She has skills in painting and craft work and these are her major hobbies. She is exploring piano. Arsha concluded her words "music gives all kind of happiness to me I will never end my passion towards music and would like to explore it till the end of my life."

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