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"Books of relief"

Helen Keller has said "the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- They must be felt with the heart." Likewise, people who see things through their heart have discovered a poet - Ms. Shruthi

Chendravayil. Shruthi, who lives with her mother and brother at Pandikaav in Malappuram district, elaborates on how much Helen Keller’s autobiography had influenced her to embark on this journey of writing.

As a young girl, she had to discontinue schooling due to her physical impairments and she gradually found herself vanishing into the cocoon of introversion for 9 years. Shruty did not enjoy the privilege of having a favourable surrounding in her young years. However, Shruty becomes exuberant as she fondly remembers the day Helen Keller’s autobiography made its way to her through Babukka. She still recalls the impact that the book made

on her life and goes on to call it a “special something”, gifted to her by Babukka, who she met and befriended at Santhwanam Palliative Care. It was from that day that Hellen Keller became her icon of motivation. She says that

Keller even motivated her to resume her studies and complete matriculation. One day her sister-in-law discovered and shared a tiny poem that Shruti had scribbled down. It was a beginning. This small poem titled “My Sorrow” paved

way for more write-ups. She has written more than 60 poems as of now and her brother has given tune to a few of those and posted them on his youtube channel.

IMG_20200804_105101 (1).jpg

Personal experiences are what inspire Shruti to create her poems. She feels

indebted to her friend, Gireesh Mariyangalath for presenting her with books to read. She writes and recites poems in the group called ‘Akshara Naksatram


Shruty recalls how it was difficult for her to pursue her dreams in the initial

days. However, now Shruty acknowledges the positive changes that occurred in her perception of life. She observes that in the current social scenario there have been numerous opportunities to not only identify bit also exhibit her flair for writing and her love for books

Shruty aspires to publish an anthology of her poems once she has completed around 150 poems. Shruty remains grateful towards all the loved ones who showered her with the support and encouragement to give wings to her dreams.The society should, according to Shruti, be more inclusive and empathetic towards artists with disabilities. On discovering the talents of such people, the society should stand with them to help them realize their dreams. Their physical disabilities or their circumstances should not limit the opportunities of such talented people.

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