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"Cinematic Dialogues"

- Athul Mohan T M


     "Every person works in the background has a role in creating your persona for the movie. The whole process is just a replica of society."

     People compromise a lot and lose opportunities mostly because of that. Rejoy got a call to act in a movie before performing in Ranjith Shankar's "Pretham 2" and Abhinesh Appukkuttan's  "Jaliyanwala Bagh". It was a high time when he was eagerly looking for movies. In his words, the particular movie was a new generation variant of "Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Ñjanum"(1999; Dir Vinayan). There were two reasons why he didn't feel any affinity for that role or the movie. Primarily, he was not a fan of the source movie because the portrayal of disability and its politics were not so great.

     Secondly, he strongly opposes the necessity of such a movie in contemporary society. The director suggested Rejoy that the movie was expecting a sad sympathetic approach from the audience and Rejoy asked back whether people will watch if the content is fully presented as dark toned? He soon confirmed his disagreement to be a part of the movie.

     "It is true that I want to do movies. But, don't think I choose every script that randomly comes to me. There are two types of movie makers. The first ones look at us as a 'newbie' when you suggest something politically or personally correct and reply with "we'll let you know later". The second thinks that movies are products of collective effort and it gets better when people pool in their ideas as well.

     He has done his schooling from a blind school. The school started acknowledging him only after he gained fame. At the same time UC college has given way better consideration, support even though there were rigid disagreements with teachers and system. In his own words, most of the teachers "tolerated" him for imitating their sound.

As per his comments, physical characteristics matter a lot in mainstream cinema. It is evident how certain directors do the casting to meet with the pop fiction ideology and never breaks stereotypes. Movies have set multiple varieties of stereotypes among the society where it can be observed the lack of guidance and social commitments have boosted movie makers to attempt most of the political incorrectness, excessive use of substances like tobacco and liquor for both villain and hero in order to decorate their "image" in front of audience and the trend goes like chain reaction into the "generally imitating" majority of a population.


He adds, sympathy works in various dimensions in society. Someone with disability  who sings, and collecting money and someone who sells a comb or another object work in same way but in different methodologies. In hiss opinion, the one sells comb doing a better job than the first. Because the vendor is not begging for anyone's charity but tries his level best to meet his ends.

It is necessary to respond to things without delay. Society thinks that it has larger control on any emotion, any situation and even in a solitude and community activities of every individual. Support in the industry or group is something that changes frequently. Rejoy says "My colleagues were extremely careful and compassionate literally in everything and gradually it was just common. The "treating someone special" has become treating someone as he/ she is. They have started sharing stories and taking me to places with them without hesitation. But there are also people who talk less over-concering too much about you.

"The support of my friends was more than that of the family because I have never let them ask chances for me or anything. Friends were taking special care and motivating me in my every step"

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