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""Colors of Determination"

     Art is a great way of imitating styles for recreation of one or different metaphors together. Moreover, it is how you learn and practice something constantly and learning something new without losing the first." - Geethu Sasi

     Geethu is an artist from Chalakkudi, Thrissur who always discovers prospects from the situations that take place around her. She found herself falling in love with painting every time she recreated her versions of the pictures that she saw from the books.

     She recurrently realizes that her destined area is with colours  when things go uncertain or topsy-turvy and work on the self improvement with faith and  confidence. Geethu commenced her exercises with painting  by drawing nature and landscapes with water colour. She tries to update and transform her skills and styles according to the timely changes and seasonal trends. With that determination to search for new things, she is focusing on mural painting these days along with her regular methods such as water colour, acrtylic and fabric painting.  

     She was diagnosed with Scoliosis, by birth and met with difficulties in walking when she was about 12 years old. After the schooling from Shantibhavan convent, Chalakkudi, she chose fashion designing as her plan because all she loved and wanted to do was drawing and that time equipped her with the basics of drawing and combinations of colour mixing in detail.

She is a well dedicated person who can sit for longer hours for the completion of her work.The satisfaction she obtains while developing the image to an attractive one by adding colours and investing all the necessary details is something beyond words before her extreme passion. Simultaneously, she does detailed market studies to generate earning from this hobby.  Her works were put on for exhibition at Swapnachitra- an art gallery organized by a collective named "Dream of Us" for showcasing the paintings by persons with disabilities.

Geethu opines that most of the people who have got chances get lesser possibilities for diversion in the long run. At this point, society can stand with them and help to share the chances to these artists using the various technological and social advancements such as social media websites. Geethu wishes to see more public collectives which can motivate and appreciate the efforts done by every common man.

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