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          Aneesh Thalora, a budding poet from Thaliparambu, never runs out of topic for his poems. He considers the world his oyster when it comes to writing. Aneesh writes on anything ranging from the mobile phone in his pocket to pressing social issues. He elaborates that the world never fails to provide him with inspiration. 


          Although Aneesh does not recall how exactly he stepped into the magical world of poetry, he does remember being attracted to books right from a tender age. His curiosity towards writing was conspicuous even in his childhood. After an unfortunate accident which restricted his physical abilities, the young man turned to his love of literature to find solace. His disability, it can be said, paved the way for his escape from the newly introduced physical constrains. Writing, for him, became a mode of protest and comfort in the initial days of his journey. 

          The onset of disability induced by the accident was too much for Aneesh to endure. He retired to his shell out of disappointment and dissatisfaction with his new condition. However, his environment was favorable with supportive conditions to spur his emotional growth. Aneesh refused to be shackled to the four walls of his house and achieved an escape from it by embracing his talent for reading and writing. He was truly inspired by revolutionary writers who rewrite conventional notions about society and he enjoys reading such stories were persons with disabilities have been brought to the forefront.

          Aneesh holds on to the belief that true metamorphosis only happens through within one’s own self and for this very reason he was able to pick up his life and move on in spite of the disastrous tragedy. He did not let the shock of the accident or the newly introduced physical disabilities pave way for his emotional collapse. Aneesh regained his composure through reading and writing. However, he is a huge self-critic, who feels that his works require major improvements before they can be published. In spite of having written countless poems and having received critical acclaim, the poet shies away from publishing a comprehensive anthology of his poems.  This is because with each reading Aneesh feels as if his writing can be improved more.

          Aneesh opines that today’s society presents persons with disabilities with multifarious opportunities. He acknowledges the positive changes in the societal approaches and attests the same with his own pleasant experiences. He advises fellow persons with disabilities to discover their talents and embrace the change that comes along with it.

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