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"Dream Catcher"

     Nazriya Ashraf, a Grade 11 student hailing from Edappal, Malappuram, is nothing short of inspirational. Being a passionate and studious learner, the young girl has completed her SSLC with an outstanding result of full A+ in spite of the shackles imposed by disability. Nazriya has never once allowed Spinal Muscular Atrophy to be an impediment to success. Music has been her passion from childhood and her physical disability could not pull her back from pursuing music. Her gift of singing was discovered and nurtured right from a very tender age. She describes to us that even as a child, she felt comfortable and satisfied while indulging in music.

     Although initially Nazriya used to get nervous during public performances, she gradually built up her confidence from the immense acclaim and encouragement she received from her audience. Nazriya has participated in innumerable stage performances including the  reality show ‘Comedy Utsavam’, telecasted by Flowers TV. She is also part of albums like 'vave nin chundile punchiri’ by Essar media, and "Iravinte eenam" by zahir maliyekkal.

     According to Nazriya the backbone of her success is nothing but her strong and supportive family which includes her parents, sister, and other relatives. Nazriya also candidly expresses to us, her utter dissatisfaction with societal attitudes. She reveals the extent of exclusion artists with disabilities have to face on a daily basis. “Whenever I participate in a stage program, the anchors would customarily introduce me through the tag of my disability.” Nazriya strongly condemns this insensitive, condescending and judgemental approach of society. ‘Inclusion’ will only remain a distant and utopian dream as long as such attitudes persist, she says. The young singer also asserts the necessity of inclusion in public transportation. Ramps for wheelchair accessibility should be made available in public buildings, stages and buses.

     Apart from Music Nazriya has also proven her skills in craft work and painting. Being extremely photogenic, she aspires to explore the world of modelling as well. Her hobbies includes reading traveling, and painting etc.

     When asked about her future plans, the artist replied,  “Music is God’s gift to me and I’ll never leave it behind. However, I will focus more on studies and become an IAS officer. I hope I can focus equally on my career and my skill in the future"

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