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Jaseela Jannath
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        Geethu Krishna is a young poet who loves to write about nature and hails from Mavelikara, Alleppey. She is extremely passionate about reading books and writing poems. She claims that her curiosity towards reading birthed the writer in her. Unfortunately, due to health issues, she had to discontinue her schooling after the fifth grade. But she was not willing to succumb to her disability (Muscular Dystrophy) and consequently was able to appear for the equivalency of the 10th grade exam. Geethu is currently a plus one student.

        She stepped into the world of reading around the age of 16. After discovering Geethu’s affinity towards reading, her mother started actively borrowing boks from the library for her. It was not until the day Manu Varadakumar  (state level NSS coordinator and a friend of hers) urged her to express herself through scribbled lines of poetry, that Geethu discovered the poet in her. This positivity was the foundation of the young poet.

Widespread and positive acclaim that she received for her poetry was her motivation for her journey. Geethu’s poems are in simple language and deals with matters concerning Nature and her own personal life. In fact, her first poem itself was about rain! The young poet likes to view the world through a layman’s eyes and says she was influenced most by Murukan Kattakada’s poems.

        Her first publication was an anthology of her own poems, “en jeevitha nombarangal”, which received immense appreciation and acceptance from her readers. The young girl has drawn inspiration for her poems from her life.

She has also proven her talent in painting. While she published her first poetry anthology, Geethu was asked by her publisher to include a picture along with the text. It was commendable that she undertook the task herself and drew extraordinary pictures to go with her poems. Her drawings received equal acclaim and she was motivated to draw more and publish a collection of those drawings as a book titled “en viralpaadukal”. Later the book won the State Council Award for Persons with disabilities.

        According to Geethu, it was the support from her family and friends that made her a blessed poet. When asked about one of the happiest moments in her life, she mentioned the recognition she received for her first published poem which she sketched about her life. She also fondly recalls the proud moments when she got appreciated by the renowned poet Sugathakumari and by people’s representatives like Ministers and MLAs.

Geethu is a person who likes to write about her own life stories to inspire and motivate others. She believes that all the support and encouragement that she has received throughout her life has elevated her to this position. She encourages other fellow persons with disabilities to express their talents and even offers to mentor. Geethu concluded her words thus, “I have to focus on my studies right now along with my health issues. Thus, I am not able devote much time to writing poems at the moment, but I will constantly focus on writing poems and on my interested areas as soon as possible…..  I want to be recognized as a poet like how I have always been….”

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