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          Akhil is an fine pencil artist hails from Wayanad. His schooling and remaining academia was from Tamilnadu. After completing one year of civil engineering, he discontinued his education because of Muscular dystrophy. Later on, Akhil shifted to Wayanad- which is his mother’s native place. He said he started drawing as an exercise for his hand. However, that became a passion for Akhil in the course of time.

          He spends approximate 12 hours per day for drawing. When it was asked about mood changes while drawing, he replied that he prefers listening to music at the maximum volume whenever he is fully involved in drawing. In his opinion, music is his energy booster.

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          Akhil learnt all the techniques and lessons of drawing through YouTube videos. He would like to focus on colour pencil drawing and watercolour painting. It usual take 2-3days to complete a sketch. Both the artworks requires  professional training and researchi in which Akhil is  unable to invest himself completely right now. Due to the extreme passion for drawing he is searching some alternative for the same.

          Last year He started his pencil magic. He loves to draw portraits. His first work was a portrait of Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly. In the beginning, Akhil had hesitation to show the picture to everyone. But once when the picture received lots of appreciation, it became a motivation for his further journey.

          The most supportive person of Akhil’s drawing career is his physiotherapist Dr Dimple. His family also gives all the support and encourages him for his talent. Dr. Dimple was encouraging Akhil to upload his work into social media to unveil his talent into public. He got excellent support, appreciation and negative comments from social media for his work. He treated it with observation, persistence and hard work.

          He said he hasn't experienced any kind of sympathetic approach from public. When it was asked about his happiest moment of drawing career, his answer was “completing and sharing a Portrait of former Kozhikode district collector Mr Prasanth R Nair and the celebrity shared the work through his Facebook page and he accepted Akhil’s friend request”

          He has also got many appreciations from lots of celebrities for drawing the portrait of them. The legend actor Mohanlal sent a voice message with appreciation for drawing his portrait. Malayalam actors Mr. Govind Padhmasurya, Mr. Vinod Kovoor and actress Mrs. Seema also have sent appreciation through video message for drawing their portraits.Akhil received various achievements for his works. He has received Guinness record for uploading most number of photos in an hour through social media, there were 1149 participants from 149 nations; three were from his own district. Akhil sent 4 photos in an hour and 1 got the approval from the authority and that they shared through their social media page.  After receiving the Guinness record, Dr. Atheela Abdulla- former Wayanad district collector, visited him and appreciated.

          Akhil concludes his words, “I would like to become a renowned artist, for that I need to do a lot of hard work and more professional training. I’m on the way to my dream and I have the hope that I will reach at my destination”.

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