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     Fredaric  Vilangadan hails from Thripoonithura in Ernakulam district. He had completed his secondary education and is preparing to do graduation in music. When he was six months old, his family observed Fredaric’s rate of mobility and which was comparatively low. Later, the doctor confirmed cerebral palsy. He said the entire family was so nervous after detecting the disability until the family members realizing the skill of music in his life.    


     He started singing at age of four and was fond of paying attention to Tamil music & Devotional songs. Fredaric was a member of the choir group of their diocese. He loved singing devotional songs and also grabbed many prices in Special School Youth Festival of Kerala for different music events. He was selected in ‘Comedy Utsavam’ (one of the major Malayalam reality shows telecasted on flowers TV). Unfortunately, Fedaric couldn’t participate due to some personal issues.

     Fredaric got professional training in Carnatic music almost 4-5 years from a trainer named Mr Saigal who is also his mentor. Due to pandemic Fredric discontinued the training and in search of another virtual option for the same. 


     Fredaric says that he is someone goes through mood swings and that reflect mostly during his practice. Fredaric also added he frequently feels nervous during solo performances but is extremely comfortable while performing with groups.


     Fredaric is blessed with a powerful supporting family that includes father, mother, and 3 siblings. But at the same time, he strongly criticizes the sympathetic attitude of society towards people with disabilities. As a matter of fact, he elaborated that he hasn't got any  payment for his stage shows. People only give gifts as a compliment, instead.   


Fredaric is exploring social media platforms to improve his skill. He learns the lyrics from YouTube and other similar music applications. Fredaric concluded his words “Music is my passion and I like to explore each and every part of it. I will never stop exploration until my last breath.”                       

Some perfomances of Fredric

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