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"Kareem the Phoenix"
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     In our society we have several self made artists, the one who made a space for themselves by finding their own skills and polishing the artistry on their own. Such a person is Mr. Kareem, the artist from the village of Uppala, Kasargod district, the northern end of Kerala. Kareem’s family is membered of his mother and 1 brother 2 sisters. 3 years ago his father passed away. The warm support of the brothers adds strength to his mind to fight against fate in the form of Muscular Dystrophy.

     It has been seven years since Kareem started his life in a wheelchair. After completing SSLC, considering the economic crisis of the family, he started to work. When he was working on a bike showroom, the disease headed up for the first time. Gradually it made him a wheelchair user.

     From his child onwards he was a good spectator of the music concerts in their nearby wedding homes. He enjoys it the most. Listening and observing those concerts, he started to learn music. Within no time he learned singing by himself and started to participate on small programs. But like any person, Muscular Dystrophy made him weaker, both physically and mentally.

     For a long period, he went through the miseries of knowing nothing about what to do and how to get into the society. His brother is the one who helped him to come out from the stage of sadness and find new lights of possibilities. He made him think of going out in a wheelchair and doing programs.

     Along with singing, he also does mimicry in the music fests. He mimicked the voice of lots of artists, which made him reach the grand stage of Comedy Ultsavam in flowers channel.

In the words of the Kasargod resident
Kareem, if you want something, it may be small or big, work for it. There will be lots of people with negative comments around you and it’s impossible to move forward by correcting all of them. We just move forward. World will change with us.

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