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"Moments of Motivation"

     Prema Chirayil is truly a ‘self taught’ artist! Her voracious reading of both poetry and prose alike has nourished her paintings. Another of her interests, sewing, also went a long way in grooming her craft. Only a born artist like her could nurture an art which she started as a pass-time so exemplary.

     Water painting was her first attempt. Its easy tarnishing landed her in the more spectacular Acrylic painting. It was widely accepted and that made her confident enough to launch an art exhibition at Swapnachitra Art Gallery

     She was diagnosed with polio at the age of ten. But she continued an avid follower of Nature imbibing into her art all the exquisite beauty she found. The open doors and windows rushed in Nature to the artist in her. Her beautiful frames were a replica of these lovely scenes. The otherwise ‘normal’ landscapes turned ravishing when translated into her paintings.

     The artist hidden in her was her own exploration and her flair turned out to be her full time hobby. This is her stress buster and happiness. Swapnachitra exhibition was a great happening in her life. It was an eye-opener to her own divine talent.

     Her parents were her inspiration; especially her father. He turned her into the avid reader she is today. Her parents encouraged her to conduct exhibitions more frequently . Her friends were equally inspiring. They never failed in cheering her up and keeping her sparkling and dynamic.

     She feels lucky that generally society is not very sympathetic to her disability. Instead she is appreciated for the value of her art. She has never gone through any traumatic judgement or pseudo sympathy asking "will you be able to do that?". The society has never for once demotivated her . She nourishes and values all the positive cheers that she gets from the people around her.  Moreover, she is not the lament  who mourns the losses,. She is as colorful and vibrant as her own painting ' The Girl With The Violin  Under the Moonlight’

     She feels the perspective of society towards the artists disability is comparatively satisfactory. People supports the craft and some sympathize the disability. She says in her opinion, she had never gone through any demotivation by the society.

     As a person never wanted to think to attain fame, she embraced all the motivation she got from the support instead of worrying about the losses happened throughout the life.