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On the way led by grace
-Ajay Balachandran
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     Chandar Sreeram, young entrepreneur from Vadakkanthara village, Palakkad is leading his graceful journey, the way of uniqueness through his life with devotion and sincerity. Chander has completed M. Com and now pursuing MBA as well as CS inter. There is quite a lot of lessons he shares from his life which can necessarily make us insightful on how important it is to maintain such an attitude for a person with disability, like any other individual. Let’s read how the concept of societal inclusion being imbibed through life experiences rather than those inscribed in the books.

     Chandar’s starting lessons on social inclusion

     Son of Sri. V.R Sreeram & Smt. Kamala, Chander was born with cerebral palsy and was not able to speak till the age of 6. “As a kid, it was quite an exciting

experience to join a school and within a few months leaving it and joining another.   In the midst of that, I used to have frequent falls and my family stayed strong with me to inspire and extend my limit to another step ahead.

     My village had frequent social events and I could never stop me from being a part of it and each time I participated, I have made my mark on it”; Chandar’s words express the positive mindset that he had from his childhood and the same which helps him all the way.  “Children can easily get isolated from their peers, owing to disability or any other concern, but this isolation has its impact throughout a person’s life and in a way, it influences the attitudes and defining the quality of life” Chandar adds.


Spiritual learning and practice


     Chander gradually developed interest in Vedic teachings and practiced its way of life with great dedication.  Chander has now become a post graduate and mastered Sukthas which are one of the earliest Sanskrit hymns revering Shri Laksmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.  Proceeding the spiritual learning path, Chander initiated the practice of Rudram and Chamakam, Rudram, which is considered as a sacred text taken from Krishna Yajurveda is the vedic hymn honouring Bhagwan Rudra (Shiva). Chamakam and Namakam are the two parts of Rudram, which are essentially chanted for the wellbeing and graceful fulfillment of wishes.    

     “I'm now self-employed, previously I had assisted my parents regarding works on event management. Now I’m running a soap business and also having lodges for stay.  I'm so glad that I have participated in so many competitions, won many awards and recognition, I could contribute well to my community and society.  I pledge all my success to my Guru 'Maha Periyava' is always with me along with my mother and father who gave me opportunities, inspiration and motivation to lead a good life. They both guided me and had never stopped me from exploring, they have taken the risk to send me out alone. My younger sister cares about me a lot. Relatives and cousins are very supportive. The Strength of mine which is right for my school days is my friends; they guide me, cared for me and supported me in different stages.  I haven’t dared to take risks and never been reluctant to take out of the box explorations, I have been through so many situations where I was completely helpless but all those times, there was a light of grace that has led me.”  Says Chander.

     Let’s wish all success for this young entrepreneur for all his endeavours including his new venture "Sapthagiri Soapkada", Jainmedu, Vadakkanthara, Palakkad, a shop exclusively for variety of soaps and collection of other washing essentials.  Furthermore, with our wishes, let’s pledge our alacrity in support of the work they do.

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