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Prescriptions and Frames
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     Nothing can drown a well determined heart. This is the story of a young man with a determined mind, who achieved his dreams beyond his limitations. Dr. Siju Vijayan is a renowned film maker, artist and a homeopath from Alappuzha district. He has done 10 short films and has recently made a Malayalam film ‘INSHA’. Dr Siju was diagnosed by spinal muscular atrophy in his early childhood days but nothing could tear out his strong will for achieving his dream of being a film maker.

     His father was his guardian angel who made him confident for moving on with life. He was passionate about films since his childhood. Collecting film posters from magazines was one among his hobbies and he still remembers the film posters that touched his heart in his younger days. He dreamt of studying at Maharajas’ college, and he got admission for BSc zoology. At first, he decided not to join there due to the difficulties with the loco-motor skills, but later on he made up his mind that no social barriers can shatter his dreams. Since then, he never looked back. The college days at Maharajas college at Ernakulam has contributed a lot to the film maker in him. He got to see a lot of films during that time which encouraged his interest in films. His friends supported him to go and watch movies. After college, he met the busy schedule of entrance exam to become a doctor; which was a dream of both his father and him. He couldn’t grab it at first attempt but he never stopped trying. He had also completed a multimedia course during his preparation for the entrance. Through his strong determination and hard work he got admission at Sree Vidyadhiraja Homeopathic Medical College.

     Even during the busy life at medical college he never skipped watching movies. His dreams of films were so strong and vibrant. During those days he met some friends on Orkut (a social networking site) who were passionate about films and had discussions on movies. He was introduced to foreign films during this time. After completing his bachelors in homeopathy, he set up a clinic in his native in 2012. His film dreams started blooming out during this time. Collaborating with his friend, he did his debut work  "ANAMIKA …THE PREY" based on the atrocities against women at that time. This was for a short film festival organized by Reporter Channel and it was listed in the top 10 category. His second work named "Headline" focused on the anxieties of a bedridden child listening the Mullaperiyar issue. The short film, "Novu" was a turning point in his life, which was presented in the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (IDSFFK). "Wheel to Reel- A Dream Journey", a documentary on his own life was also presented in IDSFFK.

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     In 2018, he started the works for his films. Dr. Siju who is also an artist started finding funds for his own films by selling mural paintings drawn by him. His film ‘INSHA’ was completed in 2019 and was about to be on theaters of KSFDC by 2020, but due to pandemic it got released on theaters in 19 march 2021 and later released in OTT platforms on 3rd August 2021.

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     Life of Dr. Siju is a clear picture that shows how willpower, hard work and determination will lead a person to achieve dreams. He always believed in his abilities. He never allowed his difficulties to change his dreaming mind. It was difficult for him to learn cinema from others. So, he kept observing for almost 8 years and self-learned everything.  Earlier, people looked at him in doubt on knowing his achievements but he shut out all the other possible comments through his activities. Throughout his life, he shows that it's your determination and persistence which makes you a successful person.

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