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"Shubho Geetiyaan"

     Fathima is an ambitious and promising singer from Calicut and who is pursuing higher secondary education. Her family migrated from West Bengal when she was in her 4th standard. After her mother and twin brother expired, her father shifted from the native and came to Kerala. She learned Malayalam during her days at Rahmania Special School Calicut. She had learned Hindustani music from Kolkata and started learning Carnatic music from her 6th standard. "The life at Mankada treated me very well.  Nisar Thodupuzha became my caretaker and brought me to the world of music." Fathima says.

     "The major difference between Carnatic and Hindustani is the number of ragas. Carnatic has wide varieties of ragas but at the same time Hindustani has a few" - Fathima says. Her best memories revolve around her world of music; including the new family and endless love. 


     Fathima grabbed first prize for Maappilappattu and Light Music and also scored A grade for poetry recitation in Special Youth Festival. This became a milestone in her profile. She has also appeared in the 'General Youth Festival' and the success took her to the district level. She has sung a handful of songs including a Bengali lullaby taught by her mother. She has sung the prayer song* for Ability Foundation, Pulikkal.  

     The development of her one eye was not in its regular form from the fetal stage itself and other eye met with cataract when she was 5. Her father took her to the Shankhanethra hospital Chennai. The surgery went in vain and ruined her existing vision too. She used braille to read things and learn the lyrics by-heart. Talkback software also helped her to learn the scripts she wants to read.

     Fathima was an active participant of stage programs. Her family is highly supportive for all her efforts. The society was quite supportive too since they liked her skills from the beginning. As she recollects, she has never faced any bad experiences or traumatic incidents from society. She receives the standard remuneration for every program. Sometimes people ask for videos of the songs since programs happen online these days. Recording needs the help of somebody. She records the audio and manages to send it with a her photo as thumbnail. Otherwise she often cancels such programs.

     Fathima opines that there should be a gadget for travel assistance.  She generally doesn't travel anywhere on her own. Once when she was not sure about the route and had to go out due to an emergency, she got help from somebody who found her with an assistive walking stick.  She is bothered about the ones who don't have the stick and such materials for peripheral and continuous support. In her opinion, the invention of a device that can navigate people will be a boon.

     From an academic point of view, she wants to do her graduation in Hindi after completing her higher secondary studies. She believes having a degree in Hindi is something unique. Later she wishes to work on her civil service career.

Here is the youtube link of prayer song sung by Fathima:

Video credit:respective owners

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