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"Story of an optimist"
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     Prathapan RV hails from Valathungal, Kollam district, Kerala is a music passionate and a self-motivating personality. He is having a happy family with his wife and two children. Prathapan is a master degree holder, specialised in Hindi and currently pursuing B.ed.

     After completing his M.A, Prathapan was working as an insurance agent and was managing part time teaching, but things changed with an unexpected tragedy in the form of a car accident. He is having spinal cord injury due to the accident. At the initial stage of the tragedy, Prathapan was not able to admit the reality and was stuck at home for almost 7 years. But there was a turn of event when the panchayat authority supported him with a disability friendly vehicle. After that he started to move out from home and decided to explore the world instead of criticising himself about his fate.

     Prathapan had passion about music from childhood onwards and was able to manage competitions and stage programmes in schools and colleges. But that skill also got a break almost 10 years from his accident. He said that a life changing moment had happened in his life about 7 years back. At the time of a navarathri pooja he visited a temple and met with a stage performance of a girl. From there he got the opportunity to have a conversation with a professional music trainer who was the music teacher of the stage performer and his name was Mr. Jayan Umayanalloor. After that meeting, Mr. Jayan became his music guru. That was a breakthrough of Prathapan’s life.

     After getting a professional training in music, Prathapan decided to conduct stage programs and his guru gave all the supports and encourages to him and he had conducted several music concerts. This initiative gave him the opportunity to participate in 'Comedy Utsavam' which is a major Malayalam reality show in Flowers channel. He is not interested in taking music as a source of income because of his extreme passion for the same. Several time he received less amount of profit from stage shows. But he is not ready to stop the programs that he wants to engage completely with music.

     When it was asked about the challenges of persons with disabilities in music world, he criticised about the judgemental attitude of the society and the inaccessible public places, stages etc. He quoted an example,while he was participating in comedy utsavam there was no Ramp facility to enter into the stage. And it was resolved after a wheel chair person's entry. Prathapan says that our society should become more accessible and disable friendly even we haven’t reached at least 50% of the same.

     Prathapan is having lots of ambition in music to become a playback singer and would not want to leave this career even after if he is getting another job. He concluded his words by saying 'People will shower lots of sympathy, instead of that everyone should accept the talents of persons with disabilities and should support them with empathy through identifying their needs and requirements.

Date of publication:31-12-21

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