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The Big Bottled Dreams

- Poonam Rose Abraham

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          The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. Deeja Satheesan is a young lady who decided to take control of her life rather than letting her disability define her future.

          Deeja Satheesan is not just a person with disabilities but is an extraordinary woman, who serves her love and care through her special homemade pickles. 'Nymitra',- a 'new friend' is a venture she started in Kilimanoor, Trivandrum along with her friend Naushad Khan, whom she met through Facebook, later became the heart and soul of Nymitra, and a great supporter of her dreams.


          Satheesan and Sudharmani welcomed their second daughter wishing all happiness and health in her life. But fate had a different plan for the little girl. At the age of 3, Deeja was diagnosed with Polio (Poliomyelitis) and was restrained to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her father, a cook in a hotel, and her mother is a daily wage earner. Deeja was homeschooled since they couldn't afford to meet the expenses to school. Her sister Deepa helped her by providing books and guidance.

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          In 2017 Deeja thought about the next stage in her life. She wanted to help her parents financially and all she possessed with her was talent and passion for cooking. With the help of her parents, sister, and with motivation from Naushad, Deeja started a homemade pickles business. Mango and lemon pickles in the vegetarian section and fish pickles in the non-veg category are the masterpieces selection in Deeja's Nymitra pickles. Pickles made of fruits like apples, pineapple, banana, etc. are some of the varieties in Nymitra pickles.

          Facebook played a vital part in promoting the business. She posted a picture of her preparing pickles on her Facebook page, which was shared among her friends. Her friends and their family came back with orders for more pickles. Deeja's pickles are in great demand even among our Indian army. She gets orders from all around India and Nymithra makes sure everyone gets their order on time.

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          Despite her physical difficulties, Deeja is very happy to see the growth of Nymitra in these years. Her dreams and wishes don't halt there; she wants to take Nymithra to the greater heights where she could provide a working platform for persons with disabilities. She also dreams of a house that's more wheelchair accessible and a kitchen where she can enjoy cooking with ease.

          'More than a physical disability it's the frame of mind of the society that hurts most' says Deeja. After encountering some unfortunate events in her life from society, she hopes for a day where society accepts and appreciates a person with disabilities as a person first and as a disabled later. Just like the tagline of Nymithra -The Heart of taste', Deeja is all set to make the next bottle of pickles adding the usual ingredients and a pinch of genuinity and love from her heart to all.

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