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Women with Disabilities - Let's Stand up in the world

Women with disability doesn't mean that they are 'not able to do', but they have limitations to make things possible. They can move, see, hear, speak, learn etc in their own way, and do things differently from a woman without disability. They can gain respect and support from society in their own way


Know one's body


Women with disability should know more about their body. Once they become aware of their body and its impairments, they can be adaptive to their limitations and move on. If one finds difficulty moving, they can use wheelchairs, walkers, crutches etc; it helps them to gain respect and acceptance from the society and prove their abilities.

Women with disability have the right to physical and mental health. They need to eat nutritious food, take regular exercises, and treat health problems.
They are not the ones alienated from all the other societal activities and opportunities. Health centres and health workers should make sure that their services reach properly to those people. They should provide all the facilities for those women.


Right for Education and job

Women with disabilities also need good education, jobs, opportunity for societal
activities, etc. Educational institutions should take care by maintaining all the
facilities for education of women with disabilities.


They are capable of being in the mainstream workforce, taking responsibility for jobs and decision-making. So they should be provided with equal opportunity for job, promotion, salary etc.


Family life

Like every person, women with disability need a family of their own. They have the right to be loved, get married, give birth to a baby, breast feeding, take care of babies and run a family. They also have the right to own properties and take decisions on familial matters


Social Engagements

Women with disability are not the ones who are excluded from societies and communities. They are fit enough to take part in all the activities in the society. They have the right and ability to enter into society with all the political interventions and contribute to societal needs.


As part of Women's day we are looking to help women with disabilities by providing basic information on taking care of their body, health, their right to education and job, family, societal interventions etc. There will be a series of content updation on each Friday. So be together.. let's step into the society..

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